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Powerboat P1 is the fastest growing marine motorsport series in the world and has a long term commitment to growing and developing the sport of power boating at all levels. The Powerboat P1 team works closely with the sport’s governing bodies, the UIM, APBA and the IJSBA. P1 has delivered more than 85 world championship events in over twelve different countries for more than a decade.

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Contact Info
  • Address: 2320 Clark Street, Suite A1
    Apopka, FL 32703
    United States
  • Phone: +1 407 985 1938
  • Email: info@powerboatp1.com

Next Race

Sarasota, FL

Race Crews: Please log in to see the full race schedule here.

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Thursday 29th June From Location
Pits open for early arrivals 12:00 noon Van Wezel Parking Lot
Friday 30th June From Location
Offshore Pits Open 09:00 am Van Wezel & Bay
Press Credentials & VIP Ticket Pick Up 11:00 am Bayfront Community Center
Pit Party and Concert - Open To The Public 06:00 pm Van Wezel Pits
Saturday 01st July From Location
Cranes And Ramps Open - Launching 08:00 am Van Wezel & Centennial Park
Testing  Only Boats With An All-Clear Sticker Will Be Able To Test 09:30 am Racecourse
Race 1 - Bracket Class 700, 600, 500, 3c 01:00 pm Racecourse
Class 1 Qualifying Race 02:00 pm Racecourse
Race 2 - Super Stock 03:00 pm Racecourse
Sunday 02nd July From Location
Launching - Cranes Open - Priority Given To Race Class Order 08:30 am Van Wezel & Centennial Park
VIP Hospitality 10:00 am Lido Beach
Race 3 - Mod-V, Bracket Class 400, 300, 200 10:00 am Racecourse
Race 4 - Super Cat 11:30 am Racecourse
Race 5 - Class 1 01:00 pm Racecourse
Race 6 - Factory Stock 450R 02:30 pm Racecourse
Awards 06:00 pm Van Wezel Pits

Race Results

Sarasota 2023
Class 1
Team Driver Throttle
222 Offshore Australia Darren Nicholson Giovanni Carpitella 20 1 20
Huski Ice Spritz Brit Lilly Steve Curtis 15 2 15
dfYOUNG Hugh Fuller Rich Wyatt 12 3 12
Monster Energy / M CON Myrick Coil Tyler Miller 0 4 0
XINSURANCE Miles Jennings Alex Pratt 0 5 0
Pothole Heroes Travis Pastrana Johnny Tomlinson 0 6 0
Sarasota 2023
Super Cat
Team Driver Throttle
Valder Yachts/Pro Floors Racing Wayne Valder Grant Bruggemann 107 1 107
M CON / Monster Energy Myrick Coil Tyler Miller 96 2 96
Graydel Chris Grant Billy Moore 86 3 86
Dirty Money Racing Jason Ventura Bill Pyburn 77 4 77
KLOVAR Motorsports Randy Keys Bill Allen 69 5 69
Rollin Transport Matt Jamniczky Vinnie Diorio 61 6 61
LiquorSplit John O'loughlin Jim Mcintyre 54 7 54
WHM Motorsports Jay Muller Bill Mauff 48 8 48
Sarasota 2023
450R Factory Stock
Team Driver Throttle
T/S Motorsports Taylor Scism Johnny Tomlinson 104 1 104
Waves and Wheels Logan Adan Ricky Maldonado 93 2 93
Gladiator Canados Ervin Grant Michel Karsenti 83 3 83
Hanks Saloon Racing Lee Murray Edwin Scheer 74 4 74
151 Express Ian Morgan Nick Imprescia 66 5 66
Sarasota 2023
Super Stock
Team Driver Throttle
CMR Sean Conner Johnny Tomlinson 111 1 111
Jackhammer Reese Langheim Julian Maldonado 100 2 100
Cocos Monkey Aj Bogino Peter Bogino 90 3 90
Big East Construction Cole Leibel Gary Ballough 81 4 81
Savage Bryan Marquardt Randy Sweers 73 5 73
Performance Boat Center Myrick Coil Rusty Williams 65 6 65
Steele Offshore Racing Dominick Steele Ricky Maldonado 58 7 58
Northwing Offshore Daren Kittredge Grant Bruggemann 52 8 52
Celsius Christopher Hopgood Ryan Beckley 46 9 46
Team Bermuda David Selley Steven Bridges 41 10 41
Team Allen Lawn Care and Landscaping John Strama Bill Allen 36 11 36
LPC Anthony Smith Loren Peters 31 12 31
Sarasota 2023
Team Driver Throttle
Team Farnsworth Christian Mccauley Jay Healy 50 1 50
The Developer / Wix Filters Scott Brown Eddie Tamberino 45 2 45
Sarasota 2023
Mod V
Team Driver Throttle
LSB RevX Oil Kyle Miller Jay Wohltman 107 1 107
Relentless Travis Pettko Rob Hartman 96 2 96
Team SunPrint Steven Fehrmann Steve Miklos 86 3 86
Boatfloater.com Stephen Kildahl Steve Kildahl 77 4 77
Fastboys Racing.com Ken Bolinger Forrest Riddle 69 5 69
NMB RV Resort Kirk Hanna Mark Rinda 61 6 61
Bad Inc. Austin Shantry Larry Fontecha 54 7 54
Sheriff Lobo Pete Riveiro Shameel Mohammed 48 8 48
Sarasota 2023
Stock V
Team Driver Throttle
Jimmy Robby Racing Jimmy Wessel Robert Goodwin 0 1 0
Sarasota 2023
Bracket Class 200
Team Driver Throttle
Predator Dean Stahlman Nate Hunt 50 1 50
OC Offshore Racing Joey Olivieri Chris Volosin 45 2 45
Sarasota 2023
Bracket Class 400
Team Driver Throttle
Control Freak Mark Robbins Damon Marotta 103 1 103
Simmons Marine Jason Zolecki Kevin Campbell 92 2 92
Unleashed Shannon Penn Michael Holt 82 3 82
Rollin Dirty Offshore Shawn Wall Clyde Petty 73 4 73
Sarasota 2023
Bracket Class 500
Team Driver Throttle
Bulletproof/Team Farnsworth Elijah Kingery Eric Ullom 108 1 108
Hammerheads Dennis Austin Don Jackson 97 2 97
7 Seven PowerBoats Alex Cruz Arthur Cruz 87 3 87
YabbaDabbaDoo Larry James J D Ivines 78 4 78
On Edge Bill Quinn Harold Castle 70 5 70
Southwest Waste Greg Direnzo Ryan Beckley 62 6 62
TFR/XINSURANCE Offshore Racing J. J. Turk Micheal Stancombe 55 7 55
Bronx Phantom Vincent Winoski Robert Winoski 49 8 49
Team Farnsworth Motorsports Jay Healy Rob O'connell 43 9 43
Sarasota 2023
Bracket Class 600
Team Driver Throttle
Free Bird Reef Dellanos Ryan Stahlman 50 1 50
Ivey Racing George Ivey Damon Marotta 45 2 45
Ultimate Boat Racing Experience Mack Mckeand Chris Reindl 0 3 0
Sarasota 2023
Bracket Class 700
Team Driver Throttle
Jackhammer Brian Guy Francisco Duran 106 1 106
Dees Nuts / Meara Classic Cars Ray Maldonado Ricardo Maldonado 95 2 95
Statement Marine Nick Buis Owen Buis 85 3 85
TFR/XINSURANCE Offshore Racing Cameron Turk Robert Bryant 76 4 76
Statement Marine Dalton Palestra Jerry Hartman 68 5 68
Offshore Ohmies Ben Osypian Joel Murawski 60 6 60
The Punisher Gregory Blutter Bryce Batzer 53 7 53
Sarasota 2023
Class 3x
Team Driver Throttle
Scratch N Sniff Michael Chandler Austin Blocker 0 1 0

2023 Results

P1 Offshore %% Teams
Pos # Team Pts

Powerboat P1 is heading to Sarasota later than normal on September 13th - 15th for the next round of the 2024 APBA National and UIM World Championships. Around 60 competitors are expected for two days of world-class marine motorsport action.

It is the 40th annual Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix. The weekend of 14th - 15th will see high-performance powerboats racing along Lido Beach.

It is the 40th annual Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix. The event is moving to September this year and the weekend of Sep 13th - Sep 15th will see high-performance racing along Lido Beach.

Located on Southwest Florida's Gulf Coast, Sarasota County provides the quintessential white-sand beach getaway, perfect for absorbing the noise, power and excitement of a double-bill of powerboat and personal watercraft racing.

Dubbed the "Home of the American Circus," Sarasota County served as the headquarters for the Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus for 75 years, and fans can experience its special culture first-hand by following the circus trail or catching a performance by one of two local circus companies.

After the pounding Atlantic swell of Cocoa Beach, P1 Offshore now moves to the more tranquil, shallower waters of the Gulf of Mexico. However, if you are expecting a less exciting race, think again...

Sarasota is the second longest-running US powerboat race, after the Key West Championship. Compared to Cocoa Beach, Sarasota is a more technical course. Cocoa Beach is long and narrow, running up and down the beach, with two 180 degree turns. Sarasota has varying degrees of right turns and a leftward dog-leg on the backward stretch. Although the water at Sarasota looks calmer, there are often holes, or variations on the seabed, which create voids on the surface. These can cause unexpected flights or hits, so are difficult for drivers to anticipate.

The water will suit the Class 1 and Super Cat for top speeds. The light chop will be less likely to upset the bigger hulls and will be enough to keep traction high with the hull skimming the surface.

Super Stock has the most entries among the bigger boats and is one of the most competitive offshore classes for this reason.

Mod V teams will also be highly competitive. Sarasota will definitely be a driver's race for these boats if the water remains relatively calm. The varied turns in calm waters can cause "chine walking" with their V hulls. "OK, so what is chine walking?" Chine walking is caused when a high-performance V-Hull starts to lift out of the water. In certain circumstances, as speed increases, the actual part of the hull in contact with the water becomes reduced, and the boat starts to rock from one side to another as it tries to balance the remaining hull in contact with the water. This gives the drivers more work to do. Boat set-up and trim also play an important part.

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